Satan has this weird and dark way of making us feel like we’re alone. He also lies and creates confusion in our minds that tell us we’re better off by ourselves. But God! He has created us for community! When we finally get up from up under the rock of “loneliness”, and begin to talk to others, we here those beautiful words, “me too!” We begin to wipe our eyes and see that we really are not alone!

Hope emerges and we become confident that not only does God see us, but our sister in Christ does too! There is much grief during this time of year but Sister you do not have to go through it alone! I know it’s really hard to tell someone you need them, but it’s even harder to suffer from loneliness; especially if you don’t have too. God’s Word tells us we are one body and that when one suffers we all do, and when one rejoices we all do. (Romans 12:5, 1Corinthians 12:12-27).

If you feel like you don’t yet have this type of community, let’s pray about that this week. If you feel you do but haven’t been utilizing your community, let’s reach out to them this week.

Heavenly Father we need you! We need the community, the body of Christ you have given us. Help us to destroy the lies of loneliness and believe your truth God, that tells us we are not alone. Help us to reach out to our community today if we’re in need or even to encourage someone else in our community who is need of companionship or just needs to hear a kind word. In the name of Jesus we pray! Amen.

~Nate’s Good Thing