Words matter right? The words necessary and good part jump right out to me.

Jesus says that Mary chose what’s necessary and good. Some translations say Mary chose the good portion.

This scripture account still really grips my heart. It shows me that sometimes I tend to choose what’s unnecessary, like having an HGTV home, or doing the right exercise to get those sexy curves, or developing the perfect skin and hair care regimen. No, these things aren’t bad, but are they always necessary? That’s the question I keep asking myself each time I sit and soak in this scripture. Are they the good portion of life? Am I missing the portion that would afford me the wholeness that comes with sitting at the feet of Jesus?

As we end this month of February, I want to ask you again… what’s distracting you from choosing what’s necessary? What is keeping you from the good part, the good portion, Jesus Christ? If you don’t know, ask the Lord. He will, without condemnation tell you what’s keeping you from intimate fellowship with Him.
He desires to be with you more than you know ❤️With Love,
Nate’s Good Thing