Hey Good Thing,

Expectations, hopes, dreams. Those are some of the words, phrases, or things we bring to relationships. The “one”, my soulmate, my person. These are some of the ideas we bring to relationships as well. As we prepare for marriage, or prepare to stay married, what does God have to say in His Word about love, marriage, and relationships?

I’ve been watching this series called “What Happy Couples Know” on YouTube. It’s actually been really good, challenging, and quite frankly I think it could be a game changer. There are four parts, but I’d really like you to watch part three. Of course I’d like you to watch all parts of this series, but part three is really something to get your mind and heart going… in a God direction if you will in regards to relationships… the marital relationship in particular.
Once you watch it, let me know what you think 🧐
You can search the videos in YouTube or click the link below ⬇️

~Nate’s Good Thing