This past Saturday I was involved in a hit and run. I was at a stop light. The light turned green, but I couldn’t go because the car in front of me stalled and had to restart their car. Then Boom! The car behind me rear ended me… and took off. My face was just like the picture of the lady above . I was so angry, frustrated, a little shook up, all the things.

I pulled into a safe place, called the police, then called my husband. I told him what happened and he responded that he was glad I was okay. He understood that I was mad but told me God was good because it could have been worse. The kids weren’t in the car, and the damage to the car wasn’t too bad. But I was still mad 😡 I complained to God all the way home! I prayed for the guy who hit me, then went back to complaining. I said a quick “thank you Lord”, because I wasn’t hurt, then went back to complaining. I got home. Showed my husband the damage and yep, I went back to complaining about what happened.

My two year old son, wet himself so I gave him a bath. While bathing him he looked at me and smiled. Oh did that smile soften my heart. The Lord brought to my mind 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

See, the problem with complaining is I was only focused on the the issue, the circumstance, the thing. However, when I began to rejoice (feel, or show great joy, or delight), in the Lord; and began to thank God (speak out gratitude) for His Goodness, I had a new vantage point of the whole situation. I was alive, bathing my son, looking at his sweet little face! I began to thank God that I was home and not in any hospital bed, or worse dead. God used Levi (my son) to turn my heart towards Him and widen my view; yes the hit and run sucked, but compared to my Heavenly Father, well it couldn’t compare, because God is so good, and working things out for my good, even when I don’t understand or like what’s going on.

My prayer for you and I today, and throughout this week is that we would rejoice! I pray that in everything, and every circumstance we choose to see our God and His goodness. I pray that instead of disgruntled faces 😖, that we set our hearts 🥰 on the Lord.
With Love,
Brandy, Nate’s Good Thing