Hello November!

Wow! We got to November so fast. I feel like we just celebrated our kids going back to school and now we’re about to celebrate Thanksgiving! We’ve already started researching and working on recipes; some old, some new, and some we’ll never use again 😂 If you haven’t already, you’re putting up decorations; pumpkins, leaves, fall signs etc. You’re figuring out who’s coming over for Thanksgiving or if you’ll be traveling this year.

With all this holiday prep, I have a question (or 2) for you… how are you preparing for your marriage? Are you thinking of recipes to make things sweeter, more savory, healthier, and richer for your marriage? Are you thinking of ways to decorate your holy matrimony? (Okay 3 questions 😊)

This weekend my husband surprised me with a marriage retreat called “Weekend To Remember”. It was given by a ministry called Family Life Today. They gave my hubby and I several recipes to create a more wonderful, tastier, and spicier marriage.

Guess what? I wanna share what I learned with you! You know how you share recipes for dishes with your friends? Well, come chat with me this Friday and let’s swap marriage recipes! Single and engaged women are definitely welcome!