Hi Good Thing, 

Imagine being a slave and the cost of your freedom was an amount so large, you could never pay it. Day in and day out you were only able to serve this master. Doing things you hate to do but have no choice to do because your life isn’t your own. Now imagine one day finding out that someone bought your freedom. Your chains are cut and you are set free! 

For those of us who have made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives, this actually happened. We were slaves to sin, and on our best days we couldn’t escape the demands that sin had on us. But, Jesus paid our sin debt and set us free! Free to what though? According to this passage of scripture, we have been freed to serve others; our husbands, children, friends, Co-workers etc… 

We haven’t been set free to just “do us”, and “live our best lives” as the world is instructing us to do, but we have been set free to serve in love. 

This week as the many voices scream out to you to “do you”, ponder on this passage that whispers gently, yet firmly this one but powerful word: Serve. 

Next week we will discuss specific ways we can serve. 

Till then, Love and blessings to you.

~ Nate’s Good Thing