Glory is defined as “High renown or honor won by notable achievements”. It is also defined as magnificence or great beauty.

When I consider Glory, there is none I can attribute that to except for my Lord Jesus Christ!

There is no one, nowhere in existence who is high renown, there is but one who has won the honor by notable achievements. This honor is bestowed to the King of Glory, the King above all kings. The Creator God, matchless in all his esteem and righteous in love. The only one who made everything out of nothing. Who was, is and is to come.

In this life of changing seasons, it is encouraging to remember that we have a changeless God. (Malachi 3:6) It is with that sentiment and prospective that I admonish you sisters, to cling to that when you experience loss of any kind. That alone being Jesus Christ. Because he cannot change his Glory is earnest, and it will not cease. Him being changeless becomes of vital importance in your remembrance of him during your loss. Considering, the Lord God does not change, then that means his love for you, and I does not change. It means that his intentions toward us do not change. Most importantly it means his word for us will not change. That means even in loss, GOD DOES NOT CHANGE! When we are going through any type of loss our vantage point is determined by how we view who our God is to us.

Grief-loss has within it, this hidden ability to be one of the best gifts for us. Loss truly sifts through our lives, relationships, dreams, goals, and beliefs. It helps us to reflect on where and how we align all these things. Just like when your car needs a wheel alignment because somehow along the many miles of driving, you have done something knocking them out of axis. I would like to point out that when we are dealing with any type of loss, the grief is there to get our alignment together. God uses our grief moments to bend and tweak and shift our wheels toward Him. Why would God cause my grief to do this? (2 Corinthians 7:10-11) offers some insight for us. Paul writes that Godly grief is to save us from us without regret, to cause us to repent, and to produce godly things within us.

Because sisters in this life we too often forget that none of this space belongs to us, not these experiences we have, not our relationships, possessions, jobs, health, whatever loss you may have, you were only granted because of the grace of a just and loving God. A God who created you and I for worship. To know that He alone is GLORY! When we, no matter how well meaning we may think we are, fail to remember that fact, God must do a wheel alignment in our lives. “It is because of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed” (Lamentations 3:21-23). Lest we forget dear sisters.

Please be encouraged by the idea that God is holy, not only is He holy but to him belongs all glory. His desire to align us in any way towards him is a great privilege. Can I say it again HE IS GLORY! He who called everything into existence WANTS YOU AND ME! He wants nothing but the best for us, and in refining us for His glory through our grief, he is doing what is best for our relationship with him. We can be grateful that God is not merely picking on us, picking us to draw us closer to Himself, and getting all the Glory doing so!

I will leave you with this, Godly grief draws us into his presence, worldly grief causes deadness in our lives. Our lives are not our own, so when we grieve it is for the glory of our Lord. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

Humbly submitted in Love,
Emily Moore-Billy’s Good Thing