Grief and Gifts don’t seem like they should be in the same sentence do they? I’m learning though, as I’ve been seeking God through and in stages of grief, that it’s in turbulent, tragic, and sorrowful times where the gifts of God’s peace and comfort seem to overflow.

When the disciples were faced with a turbulent storm, and they were terrified they would die, Jesus rose up from napping and brought peace to raging, stormy sea waters.

When Jesus himself dies a gruesome, excruciating, lonely death on a Roman cross, all of Jesus’s disciples and followers thought all hope was completely lost. But no, Jesus came with comfort as He triumphantly conquered and crushed the head of that old serpent, the devil, and rose from the dead with ALL POWER in His hands!

It looks like we can derive from these instances and many more, that God does some of His best work, in hard times!

My dear Sister, my heart hurts for you as you endure this difficult time, whatever it may be. But I want you to remember something, the God of all comfort is with you. He most definitely will show up. In the midnight hour, when you can’t sleep, He will be there. In the hospital room, He will be there! As you go through this divorce, He will be there. As you lay your loved one to rest, Jesus will be there! He will show up through the body of Christ. He will show up through His Word, through a sermon, a song, a hug, a card… He will be with you.

Grief is painful. But it also leads us to a Savior that will one day (soon), wipe all tears away. Until then, as you cry those tears, know that God sees you, He cares, and will give you the gifts of peace and comfort in your grieving. And what’s so amazing is this, as we are comforted by such a loving God, we will be able to give that same comfort to our sisters and brothers in Christ, when grief comes knocking at their door ❤️

Scriptures to soak in this week:

Psalm 94:19
Psalm 34:18
Psalm 145:19
Romans 5:1-5
2 Corinthians 4:8
Isaiah 41:10

Love, Brandy

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