What is distracting you? Another way to ask that question may be; what god or gods have you and I placed before the one true God, our Heavenly Father?

I know that seems like a difficult question to wrestle with but please consider pondering that question. At first you may say, “Brandy, I don’t have statues I pray to, there are no objects or tangible things I worship; God is first in my life”. Well Sis, I want to lovingly challenge you to think about it a little differently: what about your kids, your job, social media, physical or mental illness, or your singleness, your career, your happiness, self care, pre-marital sex, weight loss, hobbies? Have any of those things been placed before God? Are they distracting you from precious, quality time with your Heavenly Father? Do they take more of your attention, causing less attention to be placed on and with the King of Kings?

While on my social media fast I learned a lot, but one theme God taught me that seems to shine brighter than all the lessons I learned in that 30 days or so was this: What you feed is what succeeds! Succeed means to take the throne of. My sweet beautiful Sister, what or who has the throne of your heart? Let’s seek the Lord about this during this week. —

Nate’s Good Thing