So, my husband, my oldest daughter, and my middle child, may have covid. Yesterday morning it dawned on my husband that he and our oldest daughter may have it so they got tested. We are currently waiting for results. Later yesterday, like late afternoon/early evening my middle child starts complaining of a headache and sore throat, and complaining that she was cold…it’s a million degrees in my house lol, so I immediately knew now she has a fever. These words and questions began to roll through my mind: fear, how am I going to take care of my husband, two daughters, and my two year old son? What if I get covid, then who will care for them? Why?

Praise God, that His Words began to take over my thoughts. He reminded me that He is omniscient (all knowing), He’s in control, and He’s trustworthy, and He’s with me! Words like peace giver, King, all things working for my good began to shower me and I began to praise the Lord for the awesome privilege to care for my sick family. God’s Words reassured me that even when it doesn’t seem to be alright, it is! I reflected on a sermon l heard last week that proclaimed that God is not only able to help me in times of trouble, but He is willing! Words really do matter!

The day went on and I administered medicine, made sandwiches and soups, and God got me to night night time 😁. I decided to end my night with a devotional. I went through saved plans and came across this one (info at the bottom of this email). It’s a devotional about words, and the first word was hesed. It’s Hebrew for Love. Not that kind of love that comes and goes and is motivated by feelings, but a faithful love that would be constant and consistent. A dependable love that would be with me no matter what changes or uncertainty I experience in my life. I slept on the couch with sweet peace because of that word Love. 

Sister that same hesed is available to you today! I don’t know what is going on in your world, but I’m confident as I encourage you to bask in the Words of God today. Taste His Words and see that He is Good! Psalm 119:103

~Nate’s Good Thing