Hi Good Thing,

I’m still reading through the book of Romans. The word Faith still continues to jump off the page to me. God is using Paul to teach us that it’s by faith in Christ we’re saved. He also lets us know this faith comes by hearing the word of God!

I’d like you to think about that for a moment. Faith (hope, complete trust in God) comes by hearing His Word. The more we hear (read, memorize, recite, hear teaching and preaching) the word of God, the more we get to know God, His promises, His character, and His will for the life of the believer.

Let that sit and simmer. Our faith is tied to the time we place in the hearing of God’s Word! Either by personal study, small groups, sermons, or memorization of scripture; our faith in the Lord our God, comes, is sustained, produces fruit, is shared with others by the Word!

Sis, let’s think of Faith like a plant 🪴the more sunlight, water, and attention it’s given it not only grows but it thrives. It thrives so much that you can start cutting pieces of the plant off and sharing it with others.

2021 is coming to a close. Around this time we begin thinking of New Years resolutions. How about something new? How about choosing a word to be your guide and strength for the new year?

How about the word faith!?! By faith, a person goes from death to life. By faith mountains can be moved.

What can happen in your life by faith?

~Nate’s Good Thing