Hi Good Thing,

I’m still in the book of Romans, and I’m still seeing new and fresh information about the Lord, Faith, Love, and Christmas! Yep you read that right, Christmas.

This is the time of year that essentially The Who country celebrates Christmas. A holiday filled with cheer, joy, gifts, and family. However, as believers in Christ we celebrate all those things but we dig a little deeper into the box, past the tissue paper, past the pretty packaging, and we see a baby. A baby born to die. A baby named Jesus who will save his people from their sins; by giving them the free gift of salvation.

This gift, not glittery or sweet, not purchased on Amazon with money, but purchased on a cross with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. The gift of eternal life offers us deliverance from sin, hell, and the grave. It promises brand new and abundant life with our Great God.

This gift of salvation is ours free, not only to take but to give to others by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, him born, him crucified, and him resurrected!

This Christmas, as you enjoy what the holiday brings, remember the best gift ever given, the Son, our sweet Emmanuel.

~Nate’s Good Thing